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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

29 Sep

Dear Mrs. Clinton, Congratulations on securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. It’s historical! It’s liberating to women! You’ve broken the glass cei…

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This Valentine’s Day – fall in love with YOURSELF

1 Feb

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How to reduce holiday stress and depression post-ABI

18 Dec


Brain Injury Society of Toronto


Now that we’re well into December, the holiday season has officially arrived and its many celebrations have begun. While retailers have been entrancing us with benchmark images of the perfect Hallmark Christmas for years, the advancement of technology and social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, filled with photos of happy people celebrating, can leave us feeling like we are ‘failing’ at Christmas and all the holiday cheer.

For those who are dealing with PTSD, ABI and/or difficult times – this feeling of not doing or being enough during the the holidays can lead to a cocktail of increased anxiety, stress, and depression with a side appetizer of isolation.


Common triggers to holiday stress and depression are:


Even in healthy families, holiday gatherings can stir up a whirlwind of emotions, especially if you have gone through significant changes in your life. Perhaps you have lost touch…

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How to reduce holiday stress and depression post-ABI

18 Dec

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Mariette’s Back to Basics blog

27 May